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SavATree joins us and talks about the Tree of the Month, the Desert Ironwood and our Monthly Tree Topic: #LandscapeWatering

Tree of the Month: #DesertIronwood

Tree Of The Month Ironwood

Form: Tree

Seasonality: Perennial

Size: 30 ft tall by 30 ft wide

Leaves: Pinnate compound, oval leaflets; gray-green and thick

Flowers: 1/2in wide lavender flowers; short bloom period in early spring

Fruit: Pod containing dark seeds, 2in long, 1/2 to 1/4in across

Stems/Trunks: Thorns on twigs; gray trunk, more fissured with age, single or multi-stemmed

Range/Origin: Sonora desert

Comments: Low litter, Thorns 

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Radio Broadcast Archive

Steve Priebe and Donna DiFrancesco of Water Use It Wisely discuss the Desert Ironwood Tree. One of the more drought tolerant trees that can be considered for landscapes. Avoiding heavy cut back pruning to protect trees from sunburn damage while proper pruning for monsoon season. Changing the watering schedule for deep irrigation and other great tips!


June 16th, 2018 - Radio Broadcast Archive

Donna & Steve of Water, Use It Wisely talk about the many ways to conserve and properly water your trees and plants efficiently.  You can find tips on water scheduling HERE.


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