Why is Rosie on the House every homeowner's best friend?

For more than 27 years, Rosie on the House has worked hard to inform, protect and entertain homeowner's across the great state of Arizona and beyond. Whether it's listeners calling in for advice on our leading weekend home improvement radio show, or people from across the United States finding answers to their questions in our online FAQ database of do-it-yourself information, Rosie on the House can help you with your next home improvement project.

Here are just a few testimonials from those we've helped, our biggest fans and loyal listeners:


Peggy | Tucson

Just very thankful for all the Romero's do for the homes and hearts of AZ... Happy Trails..

William | Phoenix

Thank you so much for the quick and helpful reply! Please tell Rosie how much I enjoy his show. I've learned so much from listening. Even if I'm not a good DIY person, at least I know who to call !

Janet | Phoenix

This senior couple want to send you a BIG thankyou for your "10 common errors.." article on the 13th July!! Our water heater is badly in need of attention, along with 5 other items you mentioned!! We LOVE your column and get so much info! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Judy | Phoenix

I'm sure you know that all of us who listen to the show feel very close to your family and wish you all well.

Sharon | Tucson

Thanks to Rosie on the House for the referral network. This is the second time we used your network and both times we were very pleased with the results.

Rob | Phoenix

You truly have the best home improvement show bar none. My wife and I enjoy listening to you guys every Saturday and we use your list whenever we need outside help and have never been dissatisfied. Thanks again for all you do for Arizonans everywhere.

Dan | Phoenix

You have the best vendors!!!

James | Tucson

I have been listening to your wonderful Saturday morning show for several year. It is great!! You guys have certainly taught me a lot.

Hilda | Tucson

I go to Rosie first!

Marcene | Surprise

We used Thompson Drywall that was recommended on your show. Rick does incredible work! Not only does he do excellent work, but he is a very personable guy you has lots of integrity. We were told when you have your popcorn ceilings removed to expect to find the powder/ dust for weeks and even months..that you cannot avoid it. Boy were we ever surprised we had NONE! Even my china hutch was dust free form this mess. He has a great way/system of doing it. We are so happy with his work and would recommend him to anyone looking to have any type of drywall work done. Sincerely Ron and Martha

Martha | Tempe

Hello Mr Romero: Greetings, and the best of wishes to you for a Happy Father's Day! I trust you are spending the day with the family surrounded with love, laughter, lots of happy memories with your children and the grandchildren. Thank you for the can of paint, it arrived yesterday. I am very appreciative that you took the time despite your busy schedule to remember to send the paint. My gardener wanted $45.00 to paint 2 trees, guess I'll be painting them myself. Have to wait til after the monsoon, we had our first storm today, the house shook from a close lightning strike. Will keep you posted of the healing process for both trees. The Solar Store will be at my house on Monday, June18, to install a solar skylight in my mother's bathroom. I was very glad you called with the suggestion. The cost is $605.00, the tile roof cost me an additional amount (included in total price). I should/hope be able to recover some of the cost when I file my income tax next year. Katherine helped me and she will be on site for the installation next week. It's going to make a huge difference in bathroom - for the first time in a long time, let there be light! In closing, let me say thank you again, Mr Romero, for everything that you have done to help me. From the time I called your radio show for information for my mother's bathroom, to the paint I just received to save my trees for me. I truly appreciate your kindness. Please, also extend my fervent gratitude to all the wonderful listeners on your radio show who heard my cry for help and answered the call. Everyday when I help my mother into the shower (donated and installed by Rebath of Tucson), I say a prayer of "thanks" for the kind, generous, and wonderful people (strangers) for making the change possible. It has removed the fear for falling and getting hurt for my 91 year mother who now enjoys her daily showers! As for me, the change has helped to make a small part of my ongoing job as caregiver a little stressful, but happy, that my mother can derive so much pleasures in a simple routine of taking a shower!! Gratefully...

Jennifer | Phoenix

My dear friends, I listen to you every Saturday morning. Have used, I would say seven, of your referrals over the years and so pleased with all them.

Del | Phoenix

Dear Rosie and Romey, I had to take a minute to thank you for connecting me to Cookson Door Sales of AZ for my garage door needs. I have used them 2 times and the service has been stellar both times. This weekend in particular, I called them on Friday morning with garage door issues and even with a completely booked schedule going into a holiday weekend the salesman Mike Dryer, Bob the scheduler and Mike the technician found a way to work me in and make sure my door was fixed and my family was not inconvenienced and safe for the long holiday weekend. It seems like in today’s business world you only hear when a company falls short which is why I had to offer you feedback and thanks for having such a great vendor partner like Cookson Door Sales of AZ….they truly are exemplary!!

Jim | North Phoenix

By establishing your referral list, you have set high standards for remodeling and home improvements. I thank you for that because I am comfortable contracting with those in your referral network; and have yet to be disappointed by choosing someone you recommend.

Sandy | Phoenix

Many thanks for keeping only the best contractors on your web site.

John & Mary | Phoenix

Well I finally did it I saved enough to purchase Pella Windows! I have heard your show for many years now and you have always spoken highly of Pella. So 3 weeks ago I took financial plunge and ordered what I could afford. The new windows will be installed on Mon, Tue, Wed of next week and I truly look forward to having windows that will actually keep the heat outside and cool AC inside. I appreciate your honesty given on your radio show and have come to believe just about everything you say is the truth about home improvements. This is actually the second major improvement that I have done after your recommendations via the radio or your website. Keep up the great work. Thanks for your contributions to so many around the Valley of the Sun.

Greg | Phoenix

I LOVE YOUR SITE! I found the hint to use vinegar on the lime deposits around our faucets and did this last week. This will save me a lot of time and money in the future and now I don't have to use those chemicals in products like "Lime-A-Way" etc. to clean up around the house. I am THRILLED!!! Thanks so much.

Leni | Phoenix

This is the second time I've used a Rosie on the House contractor and it will never be the last. From now on, if it's not Rosie certified, then it's not.

Dave | Phoenix

On another note on Saturday afternoon my garage door broke and on you website you recommended Cookson Door for the repair. So on Monday AM @ 8:30 I called and they indicated they would fit me in that afternoon. I described the problem, broken spring and a bad gear, and the repairman, Dan, arrived at the appointed time with the right parts and a good attitude. The work was complete in a timely fashion and for less than the shop’s initial estimate. In addition he assisted with some minor clean up work due to the previous motor installer lack of experience.

Pat | Phoenix

We enjoyed everything about it...My personal thanks for Rosie in putting this idea into motion. I'll certainly be talking it up and to all involved (Sanderson, Buck Springs Resort and Rosie on the House), I'll be giving my seal of approval and recommendation to everyone.

Vance | Sanderson Ford Travel AZ Stay-cation Winner

Your website is very helpful. I needed a new water filtration system and softener and from the testimonials on your site I chose EcoWater Systems. It does a wonderful job and I am very pleased. The rep Jen was especially helpful and informative. Thanks guys.

Julie | Phoenix

I love all your companies on the referral network, I use them all the time.

Judy | Prescott

Tomorrow we will be getting a water softening system using your recommendations. We also got three estimates two of which were on your list. I am sure all will go well. We don't do anything without checking with Rosie and getting several estimates. Thank you Rosie and staff for all you do for the homeowner, you add another level of confidence and assurance to the consumer.

Joyce | Phoenix

Arrived to our patio home from Vancouver and discoverd that the air conditioner was not working. We phoned the warranty company only to discover that they do not work on the weekend!! As the temperature inside was about 65 degrees warmer than we had just left we were anxious to get a little cool air circulating! Fortunately I remembered your website. One phone call to Carrisa at Knight Air Conditioning, at 4 pm on Saturday,and help was on the way! Her dad, Chuck, drove all the way from Carefree down to Scottsdale and had our unit fixed in no time. Both father and daughter were delightful! Without your website we would likely have been grumpy and hot for several more days!

Marnie | Phoenix

You can feel comfortable that Tom is representing you well...

Chuck and Sandy | Northern Arizona

I trust Rosie's referrals and appreciate his knowledge on taking care of one's home...

Robert | Tempe

I would like to give a BIG thank you to Rosie & Romey & your referral network...keep up the good work!

Charles | Mesa

We will always check Rosie's referral list before hiring contractors. Many thanks.

Mary | Phoenix

Thanks so much for your help. I listen to Rosie and Romey every Saturday morning. They provide a great service for us lucky enough to live in Arizona. Have a great day.

Jack | Phoenix

Thank you - everything about Rosie's operation has been, and continues to be, nothing short of exceptional.

Betty | Phoenix

"Far exceeds my expectations-will recommend to everyone!"

Greg | Phoenix

I'd like to share a story with you that I think you'll enjoy and it fits right in this Saturday's show. I receive soooooo many phone calls from people who are "just in the neighborhood.....blah blah blah." Finally I said to one fellow, "Are you Rosie certified?" There was a dead silence and then he said, ""Um I think so. Hold on a minute." I could hear him ask someone in the background. He came back on the line and said, "Just exactly what is that?" I chuckled but said, "Well if you don't know, then you're not and I only deal with Rosie contractors." It's been a favorite thing to do ever since. A faithful user of ONLY Rosie contractors. Kathie

Kathie | Phoenix

How refreshing to find two contractors with wonderful ethics...doing what's right...not what makes them more money!!! Thanks Rosie!

Bob | Phoenix

Rosie - We had a lot of damage from hail on Oct 5. We used your referral listing: The whole group did a fantastic job! Fast response, fair prices, quality workmanship, quality replacements. Thank you! Thank you!

George | Glendale


Robert | Tucson

Rosie is a hoot!

Jan | Phoenix

Thanks for all the good info. you and your show provides.

Greg | Phoenix

You have a great show. Thank you.

Pat | Sun City

Just wanted to drop you a thank you. You have inspired me! ...after listening to you today and giving advice to other homeowners, I said why not me? So when I got home, I got to work, and have fixed a lot of issues that should have been addressed for a while now.

Mike | Tucson

I love your show and listen all the time...Love your show keep up the great work.

Frank | Phoenix

Great radio show!!!

Al | Buckeye

Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary!! I enjoy listening to your show when I can; your info is so helpful and is very appreciated especially in this tough economy when many people can’t afford to hire professionals. Thanks for all you do!! May God Bless You with many more years of service to the people in need! You’re a Saint in the making!

Kim | Peoria

Thanks for everything, I’ll be listening along with the rest of Arizona

Max S. Sanderson Ford Director | Glendale

Thank you. I love your show.

Maggie | Mesa

I receive your newsletter and listen to your show. I have used many of your recommended contractors and have always been happy with them.

Bob | Scottsdale

I enjoy your Saturday morning shows. PRICELESS!!!!

Gail | Chandler

Love your show.

Warren | Gold Canyon

I LOVE your show!

Sharon | Apache Junction

You are offering a great service to homeowner's and I just wanted you to know it was appreciated! Thank you!

Stacy | Phoenix

I would like you and all the people at Rosie on The House to know how much I appreciate having a place that I can trust for referrals!!! You all are awesome!!!

Patricia | Scottsdale

Thank you for your help and YES what a great program!!

Tim | Phoenix

We listen to your show every week since we moved here and both the wife and I always learn something new; thank you for keeping us straight.

Jim | Phoenix

I love your show!

Jo | Tucson

Great show!

Bob | Tucson

Great Show!

Steve | Phoenix

I love the show.

Anne | Phoenix

This is the most incredible Arizona homeowners resource imaginable, you need referrals? I’ll deliver them in buckets!

Frank & Sharon | Tucson

Once again Rosie I can never go wrong using your network.

Veronica | Glendale

I don’t always get to listen to your show every week, but do every chance I get. I’ve also made good use of your referral network. It’s nice to know we have someone we can trust to answer all our questions and give us guidance on something as important as our home....Thanks!

Carol | Phoenix

You guys are amazing with your responses...Thanks again, and as always I appreciate the show and what you guys do.

Dante | Tempe

This was an excellent experience !!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I will use the referral network for all my projects - I know that the work will be done right !!!!

Janet | Marana

Rosie, love your show.

Tom | Phoenix

Been a listener forever and respect your thoughts, opinions and knowledge.

Mike | Tucson

Love your show.

Jeff | Phoenix

Really enjoy your weekly program. A faithful listener for many years...and have learned from all the excellent advise and referrals. Used only those you have recommended. Keep up the great work, stay healthy and God Bless You and all your family.

Mary Jo | Tucson

I have been listening to your show for several years. I like the new hour on gardening. Thanks for a wonderful program.

Hilda | Tucson

We were extremely impressed by the rigorous and thorough examination of the practices and customer satisfaction required by Rosie on the House in order to become a member of your referral network.

Don | Tucson

Appreciate you & your show!

Nancy | Surprise

Thank you for all the great help you give. We all enjoy listening to your show. It has become a family tradition.

James | Goodyear

Hi Rosie! I love your show and listen to it whenever I am not doing my "honey-do " list.

John | Phoenix

Mensch" (what I told you you were after taking my call off-air after conclusion of show) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia this article is about the Yiddish word. Mensch (Yiddish: ????? mentsh, German: Mensch, for human being) means "a person of integrity and honor". [1] The opposite of a Mensch is an Unmensch (meaning: an utterly cruel or evil person). According to Leo Rosten, the Yiddish maven and author of The Joys of Yiddish, mentsh is "someone to admire and emulate, someone of noble character. The key to being “a real mensch” is nothing less than character, rectitude, dignity, a sense of what is right, responsible, decorous". [2] In Yiddish (from which the word has migrated into American English), mentsh roughly means "a good person." A "mentsh" is a particularly good person, like "a stand-up guy," a person with the qualities one would hope for in a dear friend or trusted colleague.

Bruce | Tucson

Not only are you informative, you're funny!

Lori | Tucson

Rosie you are the best you have helped my parents out so many times - Thank you and Merry Christmas

The Steffen Family | Phoenix

You all have saved me time and money over the years - thank YOU!

Scott | Scottsdale

I love your show and your referral network just saved my fantail.

Rob | Mesa

Hello Rosie, I enjoy listening to your show as a drive around town on weekends!

Marty | Glendale

You all do a great job with the show.

Shane | Phoenix

Mr. Turken "raves" about both of you and your high level of knowledge & expertise!

Nancy | Spring Valley

You have a great show and I love to listen when I can.

Matt | Sedona

Thank you for all you do. I love your show.

Diane | Gilbert

I listen to you most Saturdays on my way to work and I really think you have a top notch show.

Rick | Phoenix

Thanks and we love your show!

Pat | Phoenix

Great show and information. Thank You.

Joe | Phoenix

Great show.

Chris | Chandler

Whenever I'm at a loss for someone and something for my house, I know that I can always rely on you, Rosie, and "gang". Keep up the good work and thank you again.

Bette | Phoenix

I certainly enjoy your radio show.

James | Tucson

Love your show!

Christa | Tempe

P.S. Love, love, love your radio show.

Katherine | Phoenix

We are big fans of ROTH...my husband and I listen every Saturday morning.

Delia | Phoenix


Dorothy | Phoenix

I've listened to you every Saturday morning that I can since retiring and moving to Sedona. I enjoy the program and always find it very light and informative. Thank you for responding to my question about your referral network. The service to provide is invaluable.

Terry | Sedona

I never miss your show you guys make my Saturday great scene of humor.

John | Gilbert

I adore your show, which i get to hear on KTAR. Best thing on radio. Entertaining, useful and perfect.

Alex | Scottsdale

I've listened to your show every Saturday morning for years. And ONLY use Rosie-recommended contractors.

Betty | Phoenix

Thank you for your newsletters, and your Saturday morning show. You supplied the right information every time I have called in. A lot of my clients now listen to your show. Amazingly, they thank me for the information you provide. I do tell them to write you and express their gratitude. Thank you again for the public service you provide.

Nick | Phoenix

This is a note to thank you Rosie for your visit. Mary Ann and I was happy to have met you and feel you have gone well above and beyond for trying to help us. Your are a true gentleman.

Mike & Marry Ann | Mesa

Great show!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous Listener | Phoenix

Hey there guys...love you..listen to you..trust you...ps...you guys are hilarious!

Tracey | Buckeye

Even bigger fan now.

Stacey | Tucson

Sure glad [Rosie] is not a snake oil salesman because I would buy the whole snake farm.

George | Phoenix

I love your show.

Hideyoshi | Tucson

Your show is great.

Shelia | Phoenix

I use your referral service exclusively. Thank you for a wonderful and helpful service.

Bette | Phoenix

Thanks for your help! I will NEVER use another contractor/repairman without first checking to see if they are Rosie "approved".

Lori | Scottsdale

I admire your work on the article. You are a terrific asset for the community. Best of luck and keep up the good work. I catch your Saturday radio program and always find a new piece of information to jot down and keep for future problem solving.

James | Chandler

We (my husband and I) listen to you on KAZM while we are out yard-sale-ing..just want you to know, that you have made our weekend! I thought my husband would drive off the road he was laughing so hard!! THANKS for a great show today!!

Roberta | Clarkdale

My husband and I have been listening to your Saturday morning shows for a long time. In this crazy, fast paced world, it is so enjoyable to listen to someone who always has such a wonderful outlook, kind demeanor and neighborly attitude.

Janet | Phoenix

I have the perfect name for your program.........FIXERUPPERTAINMENT!

Rex | Chandler

Good Morning Gentleman, I'm a frequent listener and member. I love your show!

David | Buckeye

I love the Rosie show! I met him once, Great father 1st, Great Contractor 2nd. That is the way it should be. Love the Cajun music, from an original punk rocker.

Roger | Tempe

I have used you guys for every repair in my home since I learned of you!

Erin | Scottsdale

I love your radio show!

Jennifer | Fountain Hills

Whenever I have used one of your contractors, I wished we had more projects for them to do, the experience is always very satisfying. The attention to detail is so important to me. Thank you again for your referral network and radio advice, I rarely miss a Saturday morning.

Christine | Phoenix

Rosie, love your radio show...we appreciate all the research that you have done to secure a reputable company! Thank you!

John | Scottsdale

Romey, I laughed so hard today when your dad called that girl! He is quite the character. Happy Valentine's day!

Charlotte | Ahwatukee

I listen your show; it is very good. God bless you guys and for keeping your show for a long time to help all of us.

JD | Apache Junction

You guys (and Girls) are the greatest. I listen almost every Saturday morning. As one person said, 'You guys are my Rock Star.' Thanks again.

Tom | Phoenix

My husband and I listen to your show every Saturday morning and we enjoy it very much. It is very informative and a it's a pleasure to hear Rosie and Romey. Keep up the good work.

Mary Ann | Scottsdale

Rosie, Great show and great advice always!

Norman | Mesa

I love your show and trust your advice!

Danielle | Phoenix

Hi Romey, There’s got to be a thousand things that your website does. It is very impressive.

Jeff | Phoenix

Rosie I listen to your show every week and you and Romey are great and I have learned a lot.

Breck | Phoenix

You guys ROCK! ...Met you both at the Home Show about four years ago. Thanks!

Stacey | Phoenix

Want to thank you for last Saturday's show, when the weather was grand, you repeated "Buy Arizona Real Estate." It was so refreshing to hear a positive spin, not more doom and gloom. We have a lot to be thankful for, here in Arizona.

Valerie | Phoenix

Many, many thanks for the referrals. You guys are killer!!

Jesse | Forest Lakes

I've used several of your recommended contractors and have never been disappointed with a one!

Kim | Tempe

I love your show and listen to it whenever I can. Thank you for your service. I have learned so much from you.

Inga | Tucson

Thanks for the great air time today on the show. You guys have a GREAT program! (Fun and informational!)

Clay | Janson & Associates, Inc.

I listen to your show quite often and have even asked for help in the past on a shower problem and received a great reference. Thanks!

Richard | Chandler

I have been in the valley for two years love the show.

Michael | Phoenix

Great show Rosie! I always get some great info while listening to your show.

John | Glendale

You guys ROCK and I've learned and remembered SO much. Thanks.

Scotty | Tucson

I think you all are the greatest!

Donna | East Valley

Hi Romey. I wanted to let you know that I listened to Rosie on the House for the first time Saturday. I herd about the show from other people, but this was my first time listening. I was really impressed. What a great radio program!

Brad | Wittmann

Great show today Romey...listened on-line via KTAR. Merry Christmas

Terry | Susanville

Hi Rosie and Romey, I've been listening for 16 years. You start every Saturday for me.

Evelyn | Scottsdale

I just want to thank you for a wonderful referral network. I don't know what we would have done without your services.

Diane | Mesa

Hello Rosie/Romey...I love you radio show...I listen every Saturday. Romey, you are only persons I know I can trust and get some good advice from.

Robert | Scottsdale

Rosie, I want to thank you for the referral service that you provide. As a single woman living alone it is of tremendous value and comfort to have a trusted source for recommendations for home repairs and maintenance. From your website I have used two services and they provided absolutely outstanding, professional, quality service and at a fair price. Rosie, from this point on, I will not have anything done on my home before consulting your website!

Paula | Ahwatukee

Hey Rosie love your show. I learn a lot. Since I'm not naturally mechanically inclined I hesitate to do things around the house but listening to you gives me the motivation.

Tito | Mesa

My wife and I love your show and only use "Rosie on the House" people.

Richard | Litchfield Park

Love listening to your Saturday show and especially like your recipes from the Cajun zones.

Brown | Tucson

You have a wealth of information on your Saturday show. I have learned so much.

Patsy | Mesa

Your show is entertaining and educational.

Jerry | Phoenix

I depend on your show and website.

Rita | Tucson

Thanks Rosie. I listen to your program and love it. I know you want your contractors to do good work.

Fay | Tucson

Thanks, Romey, I did hear it (got a big kick out of both my name and e-mail message being broadcast: Thank you again!) And even better than that was the answer to my question, from Baby Kay herself; she's so good! Have a very Merry Cajun Christmas, from my house to yours...

Lesley | Mesa

Thanks for all the help you and your family give all of us each week! Love your show.

Julie | Phoenix

Thank You! I am amazed at how helpful you are. I have never received this much help through an advice show before. Usually I ask a question and get a generic response, like they didn't really read my message. You guys are awesome!

Jason | East Valley

So glad I found your website. I am sure I will be checking it often!

Sara | Mesa

Rosie- I wanted to thank you for convincing my husband to try leaving the a/c set at a comfortable temperature when we saw you at the Home Show last Saturday. The house has been much more comfortable: even he says so!

Harriet | Cave Creek

Your show gives me so many good ideas, and tips.

Mike | Saint David

LOVE THE SHOW. My bride thinks I am crazy but you help shade trees like me do things we didn't think we could before when you talk us through situations.

Rex | Chandler

You have a great show, keep up the good work. We have used 2-of your referrals and have been very satisfied. Thank you.

Martin | Tucson

Thank you for your program! We have used Rebath and Cookson Door Sales, because of your recommendation, and have been extremely satisfied with both companies. I also want to thank you for your support of our Military. I was especially touched by your offer, a couple weeks ago, to personally help out a man expected to be called up in October. May God continue to bless you and yours.

Karen | Mesa


Liz | Glendale

I LOVE your show and listen regularly on Saturday mornings.

Dawn | Phoenix

Thank you again for the information. Be listening tomorrow and every Saturday. Keep up the good work.

Steve | Green Valley

THANK YOU for being a breath of fresh air and cool music on Sat mornings!

Gloria | Mesa

I listen every Saturday! What a gold mine of information!

Regina | Glendale

…and THANK YOU for your wonderful Saturday morning show.

Patty | Phoenix

Thank you to you & your family for all you do...no one comes to my house that isn't on your list!

Jean | Scottsdale

I'm hooked on Rosie approved contractors. Thanks for being here when I need you!

James | Sun Lakes

I listen to your show as much as possible because you have a remarkable amount of excellent information. Thanks for people like you and your organization.

Perry | Peoria

I have had so many of your referrals that I have lost count. I appreciate the integrity your service provides along with your expertise and knowledge. The involvement of your family is so wholesome--would you adopt me!? Thank you again for all you and "Sweet Jennifer" stand for.

Margery | Sun City West

I enjoy your Saturday morning show and faithfully read your articles in the AZ Republic.

Phyllis | Tempe

Rosie, I can’t thank you enough for your help and for refunding the money I paid to ########### Design. It’s nice to know that there are still people who stand behind what they do. I am truly grateful and will not hesitate to use your company in the future. I will also recommend it to others. Thank you!

Noreen G. | Scottsdale

Dear Rosie & Romey, I would like to tell you how much I enjoy your Saturday program, it is always full of great information. Also, you have the greatest family and you make your listeners a part of it by telling side stories and events that make us feel we also belong to the Romero clan.

Audrey | Goodyear

Rosie, Romey, Thanks as always for the show today. It's a good stress reliever after a week's work. I think you guys should get on PBS or something; I think Jay Harper should be on camera with you! That way, you get famous and my Rosie-signed, Jay-signed garden spade will appreciate in value!

Mike | Mesa

LOVE your show…I've learned so much from just listening each week! Thanks for all you do...

Julie | Scottsdale

Rosie, I do not need anything, I do not want anything except to tell you how much I enjoy listening to your show. Listening to your show just makes me feel better - you are helpful and courteous to all, you have a lot of fun and you brighten my day. I wish you were on every day!

Phyllis | Phoenix

I ALWAYS USE ROSIE CERTIFIED people. Do you think I want to get into trouble? NOT. Your people are the absolute “bestist”. All your people are honest and reliable! Thanks again.

George | Tucson

Rosie/Romey, Have used nothing but your contractors in your referral directory (11) to date. ALL FANTASTIC.

Steve | Glendale

I’m listening to you in Anchorage, Alaska. Just because I moved I still enjoy the show. I wanted to let you know I have used three of your referred contractors. Being out of state and knowing a phone call will take care of my problems is reassuring. Thanks for weeding out the fly-by-night contractors.

Brian | Anchorage

You make being a home owner less daunting when repairs are needed. Thank you!

Mary Kay | Peoria

Hi Rosie & Romey, I listen to your program every Saturday when I get the chance…I think you both give great advice and your sense of humor I reckon your philosophy of life is what makes me want to listen in to your show...Keep up the great work.

David | Surprise

Thank you for the Great show, I listen every week.

Dorothy | Paradise Valley

Rosie - I just wanted to let you know that I think your show is great...although I have never needed to use your services. I live in Payson and get you on the radio every Saturday morning. I love your show and just listen because everyone on your show is just so genuinely nice. It makes my Saturdays nicer.

Darla | Payson

I can’t thank you enough for your help. It’s nice to know that there are still people who stand behind what they do. I am truly grateful and will not hesitate to use your company in the future. I will also recommend it to others.

Noreen | Chandler