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Maintaining And Servicing Your A/C System

Zac of Rosie Certified Partner Temperature Control, Inc. of Tucson explains what homeowners can do to maintain their heating and cooling systems and the importance of getting heating and cooling systems professionally serviced.

How To Seal Cracks and gaps around your home

How to seal cracks and gaps around your home to prevent pests. A part of your Rosie on the House calendar monthly homeowner to-dos (March 2019).


How to flush your water heater. A part of your Rosie on the House calendar monthly homeowner to-dos (February 2019).

Choosing a new AC System


How to Choose the Best Windows for Your Arizona Home

In this video, Rosie talks to Adam Homer with Pella Windows and Doors Mountain West about its Impervia Line - the ideal product for our extreme Arizona climate.


Fixing that Irritating Door that Won't Stay Open/Closed

We all have an interior door that won't stay partially open or closed when we want it to. Rosie shows us a super easy tip on how to fix that irritating interior door!


Home Security Series: Preventing Home Burglary

It may surprise you to learn that the number one point of entry during a home burglary or break-in is your front door. Slowing down the burglar's efforts is key to thwarting. Rosie demonstrates a quick an easy DIY fix to making your front door more secure.


Home Security Series: Securing Double French Doors

You won't believe how easy it is to break into locked, double french doors (without breaking the glass!). Rosie shows us a quick and super-easy solution to better secure your home from burglary.


Home Security Series: Security Screen Doors

In this Rosie on the House Three-Minute Tip, Rosie talks through the core benefits of security screen doors – and the key safety features to look for when purchasing. Installed correctly a security screen door can play a big part in deterring home invasion.


5 diy hvac air quality tips

In this Rosie on the House Three-Minute Tip, Pete Purves from Green Valley Cooling and Heating and Rosie talk about 5 areas in and around your home where you can improve and maintain your home’s air quality. Plus two not-to-miss tips for your family's safety.


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