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SavATree joins us and talks about the Tree of the Month, the Chinese Evergreen Pear and our Monthly Tree Topic: #PruningYourTrees

Tree of the Month: #ChineseEvergreenPear

Scientific: Pyrus kawakamii

Rosie on the House Chinese Evergreen PearCommon: Chinese evergreen pear or Evergreen Pear

Family: Rosaceae

Origin: China, Japan

Landscape Use: A tree that needs an environment that contains a moderate amount of moisture

Form & Character: Small to medium in size with an irregular, unruly open canopy

Growth Habit: Semi-evergreen perennial, grows slowly to moderate in speed, reaches about 30 feet high with an equal to larger spread of branches.

Foliage/Texture: On oval shaped leaf that comes to a slight point; medium texture and size

Flowers & Fruits: Beautiful white flower clusters and non-edible pea size fruits

Seasonal Color: White flowers from late winter to early spring, early winter leaves will change to orange/red colors

Hardiness: Sunset 8, 9, 12-24 | USDA 9-11


"Chinese evergreen pear is best suited for eastern and northern exposures in Phoenix. Giving it protection from western sun is imperative. Once properly trained, it can be a handsome, small-scale, mesic landscape tree; that is if it first doesn't fry in the summer heat or yellow because of our high pH soils! Note to the wise: If Chinese evergreen pear is planted in an open landscape area, it's best to have it surrounded by a lot of 'greenery', e.g. turf, other vegetation, and not around impervious, heat reflecting surfaces."

Tree Care:

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Water: Regular water, especially in the summer in Phoenix 

Soil: Alkaline soils, especially those that are chronically wet such as in and around lawns, will induce foliar iron chlorosis (yellowing caused by a lack of available iron).

Propagation: Most of the mare usually grafted

For more info visit:

Arizona State University's Virtual Library of Phoenix Landscape Plants


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Sarah Maitland and Gary Peterson of SavATree are joined by Liberty Wildlife's Laura Hackett. Discussing the Tree Of The Month: the Chinese Evergreen Pear. We also discuss how improper pruning and cutting can affect a tree's health. We tackle proper pruning tips for trees and shrubs to promote spring grown and protect nesting birds this time of year. Laura talks about Liberty Wildlife's rehabilitation of Arizona wildlife from the smallest birds to the biggest owls.


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