What Is Microbicidal Paint?

13 April 2021

What Is Microbicidal Paint?

Sherwin-Williams Paint Shield®

Rosie on the House Sherwin Williams Microbicidal Paint

In this age of germ hyper-awareness many people are looking for more options other than disinfectant sprays and wipes to keep their homes free of bacteria and viruses. Sherwin-Williams has a solution.

Their relatively new Paint Shield® Microbicidal Paint has been used in hospitals, locker rooms, and assisted living facilities and is available for residential use.

The first EPA-registered paint that kills greater than 99.9% of bacteria, Paint Shield® offers an additional, new way to help prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria on high-traffic/high-touch painted surfaces.

They claim that in just two hours, the painted surface kills bacteria, helping to prevent the spread of infections like Staph, MRSA, E. coli, VRE, and other bacteria to ensure a clean and sterile space.

“The feedback we've received from homeowners has been great,” says Joe Campbell, owner, Arizona Painting Company, a Rosie-Certified Partner. “The paint holds up very well. Fingerprints clean up easily.”

Know the Difference:

“Antimicrobial,” “Antibacterial” and “Microbicidal” Are Not The Same Thing

The terms “antimicrobial,” “antibacterial,” and “microbicida;” can be confusing to understand and evaluate which performance properties suit your needs.

Antimicrobial agents in paints inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as mildew and mold that can stain and deteriorate a coating over time. Antimicrobial agents also inhibit bacterial odor growth.

Rosie on the House Petri DishMeanwhile, antibacterial agents in paint inhibit the growth of bacteria only. In paints, antibacterial agents protect just the paint film itself.

Finally, microbicidal compounds go a step further by actively killing a broad array of microscopic organisms, including both bacteria and other infection-causing microorganisms.

While there are antimicrobial and antibacterial coatings available on the market, Paint Shield® is the first microbicidal paint available. Because Paint Shield®’s microbicidal properties required the product to be registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), they undergo comprehensive third-party testing.

How It Is Tested

To properly test Paint Shield®, the EPA turned to regulated, third-party labs, as it routinely does as part of its procedures. In the case of Paint Shield®, the testing protocol and results were as follows:

  • Longevity test. This test measured Paint Shield®’s ability to kill pathogens over time. Results showed that Paint Shield® remains effective for up to four years if surface integrity is maintained.
  • Continuous kill test. This test, which repeatedly exposed test panels to pathogens, recorded Paint Shield® continuously killing bacteria at a rate of 90 percent.
  • Washability test. This test exposed test panels to cleaning products and protocols common to healthcare facilities. It found that Paint Shield® Microbicidal Paint passed vigorous washability tests, which exposed both kinds of test panels to cleaning products and protocols typically used in healthcare facilities according to CDC guidelines. Additional within-claim and continuous-kill tests validated the claim after application of the cleaners and a scrub test.
  • Toxicological review. Finally, the lab reviewed Paint Shield®’s entire formula, including raw materials. This ensured all product components are on the EPA inert ingredients approved list and comply with human health and environmental guidelines. The Toxicological review verified that all the components in the product are EPA approved and are in compliance with human health and environmental guidelines.

The exclusive technology in Paint Shield® shows the culmination of extensive research and collaboration between Sherwin-Williams and expert microbiologists.

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Where To Use It In Your Home

Paint Shield® comes in 550 colors including the popular eg-shel finish, a low-gloss, eggshell, low sheen, satin, velvet with a low to medium reflection when dry. It can be applied just like any other interior paint on any ceilings, walls, doors, and trim throughout your house. Campbell notes this paint should only be applied via brush and roller. Consider this paint for your kitchen, bathroom, and kid’s play areas to ensure long-lasting protection for your family.



Rosie Certified Arizona Painting Company discusses the first EPA Registered Microbicidal paint that kills 99.9% bacteria! They also explain their unique 10 year exterior paint warranty! Plus, some great painting tips from the pros if you're a Do It Yourself painter.



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