If You’re Considering ANY Paint Jobs, Ask These Questions TextPicture

The right questions to ask prior to hiring a painter for your home

There are a lot of paint products on the market right now, claiming a lot of different things. Before investing in your paint project, research the following issues as they pertain to your project; the answers to these questions could save you thousands of dollars.

Rosie on the House Painting Help

  1. In reading your products claims, how long has it shown itself successful in our particular climate?
    1. How is this product holding up in other locations where it has been used for a longer time?
  2. Are the claims being made verifiable by third party testing agencies?
    1. If so, are those tests easily obtained? Ask to see these tests.
  3. Is the offered warranty available for review prior to signing a contract?
    1. Is the warranty transferable to another homeowner?
    2. Is it transferable if ownership of the installation contractor changes?
    3. Is the warranty made by the manufacturer or the contractor?
    4. Paint fading is one of the biggest issues for exterior paint in our Arizona environment, does the warranty cover fading?
  4. If the product claims to potentially save you money on your energy bill, are there any homeowners you can talk to about the savings they have seen on their homes?
  5. If your product claims to save you money on your Homeowners Insurance Policy ask if the company can provide you the names of the insurance companies that offer that discount.

This line of questioning is something you should conduct with any new paint product provider you are considering.