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Deciduous Trees

Roaie on the House Deciduous AZ Fruit Trees1/27/18 Conversation: Romey and Greg Peterson of the Urban Farm talk about 'urban orcharding', including:

  • Growing fruit trees at the correct size
  • The 3 things you DON'T do when planting fruit trees
  • His 'Six Six' rule for planting
  • How to make healthy soil
  • The 3 things you CAN DO when planting trees. 
  • You'll be eating fresh fruit from your own trees!


Home Maintenance To-Do: #DeciduousTrees #DeciduousFruitTrees




Time to fertilize citrus trees and proper pruning for new spring growth. Applying pre-emergent to deter weeds. If you have winter lawns, some tips to keep it going. Or remove it completely and get a rebate from local city municipalities. Oh, get your tomatoes and other garden plants in your hedgerows, planters, etc. Jay Harper's got your back!


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